Pre-press is the core of any printing process and involves a diverse range of workflow systems, auxiliary equipment, and materials.

Copatra Graphics quite justifiably pride themselves in providing the printing, packaging, and graphic arts industries with sophisticated pre-press machines, of which the following are a few:


1- Graphic Systems

  • CtP systems:

      • Advantage (Silver & Photopolymer)
      • Polaris X (Silver & Photopolymer)
      • Avalon (Photopolymer, Thermal)

    All CtP systems manufactured by the world leader Agfa

  • Scanners manufactured by Microtec.


2- Processors

  • Plate Processors from AGFA and others


3- Proofing Machines

  • Sherpa by Epson.


4- Software

  • Apogee X workflow (Agfa)

  • Arkitex workflow (Agfa)

  • Monaco Profiler (X-Rite)

  • Color Elite (X-Rite)

  • Color Shop X (X-Rite)

  • Monaco-EZ-Color (X-Rite)

  • Imposition (Ultimate Techno Graphics)

  • Workflow software modules (Esko-Graphics)


5- Calibration Tools

  • X-Rite’s SpectroPhotoMeter, SpectroDensitoMeter, PlateScope, PaperReader


6- Registration Punch

  • Auto Registration Punch - NELA

  • Manual Registration Punches by other reputed manufacturers


7- Flexo Machines

  • Machines of Japanese origin (Jet Co.) and other makes.


8- Others

Copatra Graphics offer a whole lot of other auxiliary equipment too, such as:

  • Roller Wash Sinks

  • General Purpose Sinks

  • Work Benches

  • Mounting Tables

  • Film Cutting Equipment

  • Film Punch

  • Machines

  • Light Tables

We also cater to customers’ requests for special machinery and consumables, such as Braille printing and others.